Pet parents have a choice of which crematory they use, and how they would like their pet’s final arrangements to be completed. We are happy to transfer your pet from the veterinary practice even if your clinic does not have an arrangement with us.

After performing the individual cremation, we’ll scatter the ashes at the beach or in a lovely park on your behalf.

We can cremate pets up to 100 Kgs and pocket pets such as mice, rats, birds, spiders, fish, guinea pigs and reptiles.

You can, this can be left with your clinic or we can collect at time of transfer from your home.

The size of the urn required will depend on the size and bone density of your pet. Every pet will produce a different amount of cremated remains.

YES, we can.  Toys, letters, photos, flowers, treats or a small swatch of a blanket (due to emissions)

Depending on the size of your pet, cremation can take up to 2.5 hours to complete.

YES.  You may witness the start of your pet’s cremation, charges do apply due to restrictions on cremation hours.

YES.  You are more than welcome to spend time with your beloved pet in our private viewing room. We will advise you of every step we have taken in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible. An additional charge will apply to prepare your companion prior to viewing.

One of the hardest decisions when losing your pet is what to do with their ashes.
Pets have a character and personality’s all of their own.  For the fur friends in our lives that were adventurous, energetic and a bit of a rascal, you may want to think about scattering their ashes at a special place that you shared, like their favourite park or holiday destination or down the beach. For our quiet, loyal, patient friends that loved the comfy snuggles more so than the dirt and grass, you may want to consider keeping them somewhere safe at home and always with you.

All individual pet cremations are conducted in their own chamber to ensure you will receive only your pet’s ashes. Your pet is identified with their own unique identification and this will only be removed prior to placing into the cremation chamber, after cremation is completed and the cremains cooled the identification is placed back in. We know who we are with at all given times. You can rest assured our staff has performed the entire process with the utmost dignity and compassion and professionalism.

Our crematorium offers only individual cremations of pets and includes a selection of packages to choose from. We personally transfer your pet from wherever death has occurred and return the ashes back to you personally or to your chosen veterinary clinic.